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Finding out you’re unexpectedly pregnant can be overwhelming. Sometimes you need someone to talk with who will listen and help you evaluate all your pregnancy options.

LifeNet is a non-profit lay counseling and pregnancy help center offering support and accurate information to girls, women, or men regarding their pregnancy, sexual health, and relationships. All our services are free and confidential, regardless of age, race, religion, or marital status.

A quick guide to your appointment:

LifeNet is a judgment-free location. We will never lecture, manipulate or discriminate against anyone based on their personal beliefs or preferences. You will be greeted by a friendly, smiling face when you walk through our doors.

First, we’ll ask you to fill out some paperwork. It helps us understand how we can better assist you. If you are at LifeNet for a pregnancy test, we will give you a jar for a few drops of urine, which you will use for the medical-grade pregnancy test.

If the test is positive, we can sit and discuss your options and your next step forward. Our goal is to see you thrive and succeed, no matter what pregnancy choice you make. If there is a service you require, such as housing, food, continuing your education, finances, finding medical or dental care, relationship struggles, or options consultations, we will do our best to connect you to local resources.

If you’re unsure how to pay for your medical care, we will make sure you know how to apply for Medicaid. Remember, all of our pregnancy-related services are 100% free and confidential.

Pregnancy Testing

There’s no point in guessing about a pregnancy. Come to LifeNet for a free and confidential pregnancy test. Our urine-based, medical-grade pregnancy tests are over 99% accurate in determining pregnancy. We’ll get you the answers you need. If your test is positive, we can discuss your next step.

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Ultrasounds Referrals

A positive result on a pregnancy test isn’t enough information to make a decision. You need to know how far along you are in your pregnancy, if it’s viable (growing), and where it’s located. Only an ultrasound can give you the answers you need. We offer referrals for a free and confidential ultrasound.

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Options Consultation

We imagine your life feels a little out of control at this moment. Take a deep breath because you have options. Our client advocates are happy to meet with you and review your three choices. Schedule your appointment for a free consultation. What you do today determines your tomorrow.

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Post Abortion Support

Every woman responds differently to their abortion experience. For some, there is only a feeling of relief. After the initial relief fades, other women experience deep sadness and regret. If you are struggling with a previous abortion decision, there is help and healing. Talk with us in a confidential consultation. We are here to listen.

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